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There are few places left in America like this wonderful community in West Tennessee where children still play in their yard and neighbors greet each other on the street and in the local grocery. Crockett County is located in the heart of West Tennessee. Those familiar with the area say it's just twenty minutes from Jackson or Dyersburg. Others say it's between Humboldt and Brownsville. If none of those places sound familiar, we'll just say it's between Nashville and Memphis.

The earliest European settlers in Crockett County arrived in the early 1800's. Lured by the rich Delta land, they created West Tennessee's first incorporated town, Cherryville. The area continued to grow and it soon became clear that a new county should be formed.  Taken from four neighboring counties, Crockett was formed in 1871. It's named after the famous Davy Crockett. The county seat, Alamo, is named after the town in Texas where Crockett and many other brave Tennesseans volunteered in the war for Texas independence. Most, like Crockett, did not survive.

Crockett County has an intriguing history, but its future is even more exciting. Located in one of the fastest growing areas of the state, Crockett has much to offer its residents and visitors alike. With a peaceful landscape, pleasant people and positive outlook, Crockett County makes its mark as one of the finest communities in Tennessee.

The following cities and zip codes are located in Crockett County:

ALAMO  38001
BELLS  38006
GADSDEN  38337

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