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When you need an appraiser in Decatur County, you've found your local experts at Appraisal Services Group, Inc. We appraise real estate in the Parsons and Decaturville area as well as property throughout West Tennessee. West Tennessee real estate values are unique and you need a local appraiser with years of experience completing appraisals in Decatur County and surrounding areas.

Located on the banks of the Tennessee River, Decatur County and its cities and communities have a proud heritage and a bright future.  The river area boasts 50 miles of undeveloped beauty, a tourism drawing card that brings many visitors to Decatur County for untold hours of fishing, swimming and river recreation, camping, family oriented fun and peaceful enjoyment of nature in its natural state.

The largest town in Decatur County is Parsons.  Located near the center of the county, five miles west of the Tennessee River on state Highways 20 (now Highway 412), 100, and 69, it was first known as Parsons Flat.  The Parsons and Decatur County economy is anchored by a mixture of small industry, clothing manufacturing, sand and gravel mining and dredging, and a variety of smaller service and industrial businesses.

The following cities and zip codes are located in Decatur County:


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