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When you need an appraiser in Gibson County, Appraisal Services Group, Inc. is your local appraisal solution.  We appraise residential and commercial real estate in the Humboldt and Milan areas as well as property throughout West Tennessee.  We have been completing appraisals in Gibson county for 25 years!  West Tennessee real estate values are unique and you need a local appraiser with years of experience.

Gibson County was created in 1823 from the Chickasaw Indian Cession, and is named in honor of John H. Gibson.  Gibson County enjoys one of the best-diversified economies in the MidSouth.  Farmers in the County pioneered the switch from cotton, corn and tobacco to truck farm crops such as strawberries, cabbage, and tomatoes, and have become one of the nation's major suppliers of vegetable seedlings. Gibson County is a great place to live, with many of its small towns having unique claims to fame.

Humboldt TN To promote the expanding strawberry industry, the West Tennessee Strawberry Festival was founded in 1934. This event is still held each year in early May bringing over 100,000 visitors annually to Humboldt, TN for parades, beauty reviews, horse shows and other events.

Due to its proximity to Jackson and Milan, Medina is one of the fastest growing towns in West Tennessee. The downtown section still boasts of Medina's historical roots.  The sprawling country side around Medina is being developed by several affordable home builders.  Many families move to Medina for the quality of their school system.  Other businesses are popping up to serve the needs of this growing community.  With a wedding chapel and wedding parlor (both housed in restored vintage buildings) and several churches, Medina is fast becoming the "wedding capital" of Gibson County. 

Trenton is the county seat for Gibson County. The downtown area of the town features Court Square with the county court house as its prime architectural feature. The town itself was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1982 as the Trenton Historic District with 96 buildings and 520 acres. Trenton is the home of "The World's Largest Collection of Veilleuse-Theieres," or night light teapots. These are not your standard teapot; the collection is classified as art.  There are 525, no two identical. The teapots are housed in city hall and they may be viewed at any time. For a detailed tour and more information on the teapots, contact the city hall or visit the website at

The following cities and zip codes are located in Gibson County:

DYER 38330
EATON 38331
GIBSON 38338
KENTON 38233
MEDINA 38355
MILAN 38358

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