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Hardeman County is located in the southwestern corner of Tennessee, bordering Mississippi and bisected by the Hatchie River. With a 668 square mile area, the county is the fifth largest in Tennessee.  With fertile soil and gently rolling hills, Hardeman County is renown throughout the southeast as the “hardwood capital of Tennessee.” The county seat is the City of Bolivar.

The current Hardeman County economy is based on a mixture of light manufacturing, wood milling and agriculture. Hardeman County is a popular destination for hunters, naturalists and horseback riders from throughout the region. The home of the National Bird Dog Museum, Hardeman County and neighboring Fayette County combine to host the annual National Field Trial which crowns the champion bird dog.

The following cities and zip codes are located in Hardeman County:

BOLIVAR 38008, 38074
TOONE 38381

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