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Lexington is known as the unofficial Bar-be-que Capital of the Country. According to writer Terry Mancour, Lexington has more bar-be-que restaurants per-capita than any other city in the United States.  But the people of Lexington have much more to be proud of than bar-be-que. Quality schools and healthcare, great public services, excellent recreation opportunities, and low crime make Lexington a great place to raise a family.

While a peaceful and calm place to live and raise a family, Lexington is also a thriving, growing community. It is home to diverse commercial activities from retail to heavy manufacturing.  The leadership of the City of Lexington works hard to maintain a business-friendly environment for both commerce and manufacturing. The city actively recruits business and industry and believes in working with companies to make their ventures in Lexington a success.

Beech Lake, located in the heart of Lexington, is one of seven lakes formed by the Beech River Watershed Development Authority. The Lakes are open to the public and provide facilities for public use and enjoyment.  Facilities vary from a launching ramp and parking area to a concession-bathhouse building, sand beach, concrete launching ramp, paved parking, picnic tables, playground equipment, and family camping facilities.  These lakes and adjacent land are open to fishing, swimming, hunting (in season), boating, hiking and other related outdoor recreation activities.  Water skiing is permitted on two lakes.

Natchez Trace State Park, the State's largest and most visited park, is just six miles northeast of Lexington.  The park was named for the important wilderness road that ran between Nashville and Natchez, Mississippi, in the 18th and early 19th centuries.  The park covers over 46,000 square acres and is managed by the Tennessee Depart­ment of Conservation.

The following cities and zip codes are located in Henderson County:

DARDEN 38328
HURON 38345
REAGAN 38368

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