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Lauderdale County is a mostly rural community, with a population of about 27,000 people.  All of its cities and towns are located along U.S. Highway 51 on the main line of the Illinois Central Railroad between Chicago and New Orleans. Lauderdale County enjoys the rich soil along the Mississippi and is known for its world class tomatoes.  The convenient road, rail and waterway access offers plentiful shipping routes for industry and agriculture.

The Lauderdale County Tomato Festival is held every year for two days in early July on the square in downtown Ripley.  Tomatoes are a labor-intensive crop requiring rich soils and hand-tending of each vine. Lauderdale County growers maintain highly productive soils that develop large fruits, which ripen to a flavorful, deep red color, a favorite throughout the eastern United States.

Ripley is the county seat of Lauderdale county, and downtown Ripley has recently underwent a major revitalization project.  These revitalization plans included new streetscapes and landscapes with open areas that are easily accessible and pedestrian friendly.  A Farmer's Market was also added to the downtown attractions.  A rail museum, children's park and skate park are included in later revitalization plans.

The following cities and zip codes are located in Lauderdale County:

GATES 38037
HALLS 38040
RIPLEY 38063

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